Camping Tents
Our camping tents carry an overall design and construction to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our range includes models that are suitable for couples through to larger designs for family camping trips.

Hub Tent 24 M2

(Hub Tent 24 M2)

Hub Tent 42 M2

(Hub Tent 42 M2)

Artic X Tent

(Artic X Tent)

Mobiflex Bow Tent

(Mobiflex Bow Tent)

Tesla Patrol Tent

(Tesla Patrol Tent)

Regatta Bell Tent

(Regatta Bell Tent)

Icelander Swag Bag

(Icelander Swag Bag)

Traditional Swag Bag

(Traditional Swag Bag)

Beach Shade

(Beach Shade)

Explorer Swag

(Explorer Swag)

Base Tent 27.5 M2

(Base Tent 27.5 M2)

Base Tent 33.6 M2

(Base Tent 33.6 M2)